In Italy alone, 48% of the population declared to have a tattoo on their body

A bit information about Tattoo


Tattoo as a phenomenon is almost as old as humanity itself. Until recently a permanent mark on the body was reserved only for tribal cultures, criminal circles and all kinds of rebels. Today, almost half (!) of the world’s population has at least one tattoo on their body.

This clearly shows that social consent to this phenomenon is already the norm, thanks to which artists can develop within this form of expression almost without limitations. It is one of the fastest growing art industries, attracting many open-minded young people looking for new solutions and technologies.

The creators of $TAT2 noticed that blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT find their application in the tattoo world and decided to meet the expectations of such a huge and valuable industry.

What is blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contract and decentralized finances.


Information storage architecture that prevents volatility of historical data (e.g. transaction data). It is a decentralized (there’s no central management unit) and distributed database or transaction or event register, that functions as an increasing one-way list of records called blocks. By linking blocks in a chain, where each successive block stores a hash with the information from the previous block, the information in the blocks is only writable while the block is being built and impossible to modify after the block is made public and distributed


A digital asset that serves as a medium for the exchange and transfer of value. The name comes from cryptography, which secures all network activities, e.g. confirmation of token ownership or transactions between users.

Smart Contract

Pre-programmed contract configured for automatic execution upon fulfillment of predetermined conditions. This allows both contract parties to agree to the assumed terms without mutual trust and without the need to involve third parties.

Decentralized Finance

Geographically unlimited access to financial services, which include, for example, decentralized exchanges, loans, deposits and many others. All this is done without intermediaries, brokers or banks, in a completely anonymous manner.


$TAT2 environment functionality

The $TAT2 project will revolutionize the tattoo industry globally, creating a digital environment for both artists and their clients.

What is $TAT2?

$TAT2 token

the industry needs a common internal payment method and $TAT2 is the answer to this demand. A cryptocurrency that allows you to settle accounts with customers in an immediate and cashless manner. Regardless of which country they are in at the moment, whether they are on the other side of the world at a convention or a Guest spot, $TAT2 gives you the certainty of the fastest and safest payment method.

The NFT platform

NFTattoo allows you to add value to tattoo reproductions, designs, illustrations, paintings and virtually any other form of artistic expression. The tattoo industry has its place, which enables the transfer of tattoos to the digital world, and thus another source of income for artists and collectors.

What are the Benefits of using $TAT2?


Discounts for the sessions with selected artists participating in the project. Their list will be available on the TattooMoney website and social media.
Pre-payment of sessions and payment with $TAT2 will make it possible to obtain earlier sessions with the busiest tattooists. There are people in this industry who have to wait for their turn for years.


The client may receive a certificate of authenticity in the form of NFT presenting their tattoo, which he will be able to trade on the NFTattoo platform.

Another tool common to all project participants is a cryptocurrency wallet - TattooMoney WALLET, a native TattooMoney wallet that allows storing, collecting and free transactions within the ecosystem. Wallet users have the option to stake and receive rewards for active participation in the community.


$TAT2 Token

$TAT2 is a comprehensive project to support the tattoo industry in the digital reality. One of the tools is $TAT2, which is a digital token based on the Ethereum blockchain that is used in several important aspects.

Specification of $TAT2 Token and TattooMoney Ecosystem

The $TAT2 token, apart from the utility closely related to the tattoo industry, can also be used as a long-term investment solution thanks to the following solutions.



Tokenomy and sources of income

The maximum amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000 $TAT2
Smart Contract 0xb487d0328b109e302b9d817b6f46cbd738ea08c2
Decimals 18


The information provided in this whitepaper is only for information purposes of the TATTOOMONEY project. This should by no means be interpreted as a recommendation of investment in the TATTOOMONEY. Investment in TATTOOMONEY is associated with risks that are above the control of the founding team such as market circumstances. Besides, the plan laid out in this document may be adjusted to adapt to future situations to achieve the best performance of the TATOOMONEY platforms.


The information presented in this document is not intended to be legal, tax or investment advice of any kind. Always do your own research.

The $TAT2 project will revolutionize the tattoo industry globally